Wellbeing Benefits Package


The HSU is committed to supporting members both industrially and socially.

Through this Benefit Package, members can access financial assistance in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Multiple Births
  • Workplace Assault
  • Domestic Violence Expenses, for members experiencing domestic violence.
  • Premature Birth/Miscarriage
  • Homemaker Assistance, for members whose homemaker partner sustains an injury which results in them being unable to complete their usual domestic duties.
  • Accidental HIV Infection, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Lump Sum Payment.

These benefits are accessible to all financial HSU members.

2023-2024 COVERAGE



(per annual policy period)

Accidental HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C (accidental needle stick)

  • Injury must be caused by a sharp medical instrument
  • Medical tests MUST be carried out by a medical practitioner within 48 HOURS of the event causing injury
  • Injury MUST be reported to HSU within 48 HOURS of the event causing injury
  • Positive diagnosis must be within 180 days of the injury date
  • No cover is provided if proven that the insured already had any of these conditions prior to the event causing injury


Up to $10,000


Bed Care

  • Confinement (excludes that in a hospital or other medical facility) must last for a period of at least 48 consecutive hours
  • 14 days maximum


Up to $700

Broken/Fractured Bones

  • Neck or spine (full break) 100%
  • Neck or spine (not full break) 80%
  • Pelvis girdle (hip bone), skull, shoulder blade, collar bone, upper leg 60%
  • Upper arm, kneecap, forearm, elbow 25%
  • Lower leg, jaw, wrist, cheek, ankle, hand, foot, ribs 20%
  • Finger, thumb, toe 15%


Up to $2,500


  • 180 days maximum


Up to $18,000


Domestic Violence Expenses

  • Emergency circumstances where personal safety is at risk due to domestic violence
  • The insured must leave the premises and seek accommodation elsewhere
  • Includes emergency accommodation, essential items and goods and services directly incurred


Up to $4,000

($500 sublimit for expenses)

Family Accommodation and Transport Expenses

  • Hospitalisation must occur at a hospital located in Australia
  • The hospital must be located outside a radius of 100km from the insured’s normal place of residence


Up to $2,000

Homemaker Assistance

  • Expenses must be incurred for domestic help within 365 consecutive days of the date of accident
  • Partner must:
    • Be the homemaker
    • Not be earning/generating an income prior to or following the event causing injury
    • Sustain an injury preventing them from completing usual domestic duties
    • Be under 75 years of age
    • As soon as possible after the accident, procure and follow proper medical advice from a medical practitioner
  • No cover is provided for domestic help by the insured’s relatives or the partner’s relatives.

Up to $2,000


Loss of Teeth/Dental Procedures (caused by injury)

Up to $5,000

(max $500/tooth)

Multiple Birth Benefit

  • Requires union membership of at least six (6) months
  • Birth parent (100%)
  • Secondary parent ($2,500)

Up to $7,500

Out of Pocket Expenses

  • Unforeseeable, reasonable expenses as a direct result of an accidental injury
  • Includes medical mobility equipment, local transportation (excluding ambulance services) for medical treatment, and/or replacement of items damaged as a direct result of the incident

Up to $500

Premature Birth/Miscarriage (caused by injury)

  • Premature birth must be prior to twenty-six (26) weeks gestation


Workplace Assault

  • Police report + triaging + minimum five days missed from work (100%)
  • Police report + triaging + minimum one day missed from work (50%)
  • Police report + triaging + less than one day missed from work (20%)

Up to $5,000

AGE RESTRICTION (sub-limits may apply)

AGE (years)

Minimum Age Limit


Maximum Age Limit



The ‘insured’ refers to any insured persons – that is, a financial member of the HSU.

All injuries, except for ‘multiple birth’, must be the direct result of an accident to initiate a claim.

No cover is provided for any injury wholly or partly attributable to childbirth or pregnancy or the complications of these (except for unexpected medical complications of emergencies arising from an injury).

No cover is provided for pre-existing conditions.

Please refer to the Insurer Policy Wording for full Terms & Conditions.

To make a claim please complete this form  and email [email protected] or call us on 1300 478 679.

The HSU is proud that we're able to support our members with practical, meaningful benefits like these. It is what makes our union so remarkable.

A message from Gerard Hayes, HSU Secretary, about these benefits:

Gerard Hayes message to members on HSU Wellbeing Package